+quot;The Buffer Zone+quot; What is the Universal Life Church? Many of us in ULC could lis

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"The Buffer Zone" What is the Universal Life Church? Many of us in ULC could list many different things we as individuals believe ULC to be; principles, ideas, freedom, fulfillment of dreams, a challenge to a richer and fuller life for all mankind now, a chance to help others. Many of us will agree on the fact that ULC is Kirby Hensley; the greatest mastermind of ULC. He has tackled and been tackled, and risen above insurmountable odds. All of this has been a help to us, the congregations and as individuals to grow stronger within ourselves; and to do that which is right by actively performing ministerial and sacerdotal duties. Many helpful books have been made available to us from which much valuable information and insights have been gained. As with all things, changes do and must occur. We grow from change. ULC is changing; changing in a very positive manner. It is our responsibility and privilege to be a part of this exciting and wonderful time. How do we do this? How can we learn and become a more informed and vital part of this great Church? Here's how! There is now becoming available, a fantastic, very informative Scrapbook, known as "THE BUFFER ZONE" which gives us, the ministers, a very thorough and complete understanding of the Church. It is a history book, a biography, a means of meeting new friends and reading about friends we have know for a while. A common question I often hear asked and phrased several different ways is: "When did this start?", "How can I find out what changes are occurring?", "What about updates?". Well, here is your answer! The new ULC scrapbook, "THE BUFFER ZONE", holds the answers for all of this. Some articles we might have seen from other books, but the new material far exceeds what we've seen that would be from prior books. It contains Rev. Hensley's eleven experiences, articles from other magazines and newspapers about Rev. Kirby Hensley; articles and pictures about other ministers in the field and much, much more. It is by far the best, the most informative book available to us for our use. We need to make use of this book. We need to read it and become knowledgeable with its material and then most importantly, we need to ACTIVELY do that which is right with it. A very small donation of only $10.00 is all that is asked for this fine book. Reserve your own personal copy now by writing to us (please do not forget the donation!) and we shall be happy to send your copy to you. Send your request for THE BUFFER ZONE to Universal Life Church CompuChurch (tm) P.O.Box 64575 Baton Rouge, LA 70896


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