A brief: Science is a wonderful tool given to us thru the good graces of our creator. Scie

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A brief: Science is a wonderful tool given to us thru the good graces of our creator. Science has given us many benificial things. Surgery to heal the afflicted, conviences to lessen our everyday drudgery, the written word, modern transportation, and medicines. Inocculations to prevent desease even before we become ill. The wonders of science can be seen every day in our building construction, synthetic fibers, even in our suntan lotion. The Theory of Evolution is not science. it is mere conjecture, coupled with "artistic conceptions" in order to establish a fancifull arguement against creationism. To date, there is no "proof" of evolution, no "fossil" records to support this so called theory. In the following series of discussions we will attempt to convince YOU to " LOOK FOR YOURSELF " with an open mind. Determine if the fossil record can convince you that it is a reasonable and complete "auditable record". We feel it is lacking, in fact we feel it is a feeble and an inadequatly fortified record. The "holes" in the evolutionists theories are vast and no amount of conjecture or "artistic liscense" can fill them. I am proffessing no religious dogma, or scientific foundations on you, but am simply asking you to "question" the authority that perpetuates this unsubstantiated theory on the American public. It is taught in our schools from 1st grade thru the college levels as a fact, when in actuality it is one of the more shakey and unsubstatiated lessons ever placed before a scholar. I hope to be Marvously Marginal Rev. B0b (c) 1991


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