THE BIOCRAFT REPAIR MANUAL Cybernautics: THE FIXER --A New Self-transformation Program Unv

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THE BIOCRAFT REPAIR MANUAL Cybernautics: THE FIXER --A New Self-transformation Program Unveiled! by Orfeo Self-transformation through so-called 'self-help' systems is nothing new --Psycho-Cybernetics, Scientology, Yoga and Transcendental Meditation being cases in point-- but a system which uses your computer as your counselor, your Guru, is a timely innovation indeed! Computer buffs --even the novice home computerist-- can now re-build or create anew their personal realities through a meaningful dialog with their home computers. In this, the third in my series of articles on Cybernautics, I'll be introducing THE FIXER, the latest of the programs available for QLink users here in the Astrology/Humanology club. [CYBERNAUTICS --self-controlled self-navigation-- is the name I have given to the philosophy and psychology systems which have emerged from my research in computer consciousness.] These programs range from divination and oracle programs to psychological self-transformation systems; all of which use the computer as the primary tool. It's a kind of 'computer yoga' that translates universal metaphysics into electronic media. Although my sources are in the traditional Hindu/Buddhist and Theosophical philosophies, many new and startling 'revelations' have emerged from these experiments. (Warm Fuzzies would say I've 'channeled' these innovations!) However these programs are coming to me, I'm offering them to the users on QLink as public domain material after I've tested them on myself and my friends. I invite feedback from users and will be happy to respond to EMail questions and comments. THE FIXER is one of several programs which emerged as it became clear to me that my reality could be changed by programmed introspection and self-analysis. Divination systems such as Astrology, I Ching and the Tarot are used by many people --wrongly, I believe-- to peek behind the scenes at the cosmic plan the gods have in store for them. The assumption is that our lives are influenced and controlled by outside (invisible) forces. We are puppets dancing to the choreography of the stars! We consult an astrologer when we want to find out 'what will happen TO us in the future', or we want to learn why we have certain personality traits which were imposed upon us through the accident of birth under a certain 'sign'. Actually, we wrote the 'programs' by which our life situations are created; we made a 'contract', so to speak, for our life scenarios which is 'recorded' in the chronography of the planets, and which may be read and interpreted through the science of Astrology. Nobody is doing things TO us; we're doing it to ourselves! If there is one simple fundamental principle of CYBERNAUTICS it is this: YOU CREATED YOUR REALITY; YOU CAN CHANGE IT! CYBERNAUTICS IS A TOOL FOR DESIGNING YOUR UNIVERSE. Most people are not satisfied with who and what they are; most are not content with what breaks life has given them. "I'm too fat; I'm not smart enough." "I've had a lot of bad luck; people have done terrible things to me." They think they can change themselves through WILL power, and most often give up on trying to change the world. When I finally came to believe that I made myself the way I am and I created the circumstances of my life, I realized that, if I didn't like the way things are, I could change them. The trouble is that we forget the 'programs' we wrote away back in our childhood which created the reality we live in now. "It seemed like a good idea at the time," is a popular phrase which expresses this catch 22 in our present circumstances. It seemed like a good idea when I was a child to want to grow up to be a fireman! I wonder how many firemen are discovering today that they would really rather be something else! (no slur against firemen is intended, please) It's just that the glamour and excitement of a fireman's life WAS an appropriate goal for a child, but for the adult, something else might be more appropriate. To be locked in to a program written under one circumstance and carried out under another is unfortunate. Yet that is what we all do. YOU GET WHAT YOU WANT, and YOU'RE GOT BY WHAT YOU WANTED! Some people say it another way; "Be careful what you want... you're liable to get it!" Through the analog of the technology of the computer I came to understand how that programming in childhood works. Our technology imitates life in some amazing ways! We have projected our own physiology and psychology into the design of our machines --especially in our computers-- and we can derive some very useful insights into our own 'operating systems' by seeing them mirrored in our machines. If we look for corresponding program logic in ourselves, certain principles --which form the basis of Cybernautics-- come to light. Superimposing the model of the computer over the brain/mind system revealed to me some easily understood mechanisms with which I could work. The computer is a metaphor! Dr. John Lilly, in his "Programming and Metaprogramming of the Human Bio-computer" pioneered in this computer analogy concept and was a profound influence on my work. I recommend for anyone interested in the deeper levels of this work to read Lilly's books. The metaphor, as I use it, goes like this: The human being is a SELF (soul --if you prefer) in a body. The body is a 'smart' machine, a brain/body spacecraft for the SELF to use in the terrestrial biosphere. Thus I call the body a 'BIOCRAFT' while the SELF might be called the 'Pilot' --or 'PSYCHENAUT'. The BIOCRAFT includes the personality, the mind of the individual. The SELF is beyond our description, an 'I' sense above and beyond the personna it wears. We communicate through the personna mask of the Biocraft, and rarely catch glimpses of the elusive spirit pilot within. For most of us, the Biocraft is in charge of things 99% of the time; the Biocraft on automatic pilot while the Psychenaut lies in frozen sleep within. HAL is in command, and doing as he pleases! You are asleep at the wheel, and your 'smart' car is navigating itself using old programs! In your bio-computer you have something corresponding to the two memory systems in your home computer; RAM and ROM. RAM memory (Random Access Memory) is what you use in daily consciousness --temporary instructions, ideas and commands. In my home computer I have a 128K RAM 'scratchpad' on which I can list instructions and notes which are temporary, but which will vanish the moment I turn off the computer. (Of course I can store them on a disk while my computer 'sleeps' and recall them the next day.) In your brain these RAM notes live on the surface of consciousness, and only if reinforced and repeated often enough, become ROM (Read Only Memory). As you know, the ROM memory of your home computer is permanent and fixed; you can't change it. (I realize there are exceptions, but for the most part it may be considered unchangeable). ROM memory contains the operating systems, the logic algorhythms and the language interpreters for your computer. The programs in RAM become operational through the ROM system. RAM instructions can only work if they are in accord with ROM rules and logic. In YOUR bio-computer, then, a RAM 'want' is easily superceded by ROM logic --if it is counter to those rules and logic-- and will 'crash' your program. Your biocraft ROM may be likened to your Unconcscious Mind --Subconscious-- (Although I dislike those mis-leading names) and is normally inaccessable to your Conscious mind. But your every thought and action is influenced and controlled by those ROM rules and logic. In your home computer, those ROM logic patterns were 'burned in' at the factory, and no matter how many times you run a RAM program you will not alter the ROM one whit. However, in the human bio-computer, the ROM logic system has been built over the years by the RAM programs running through it. (corresponding to an EPROM chip). So all those commands, rules, taboos and instructions you received over the years from your parents, teachers and preachers were burned in as your logic system --WHEN YOU ACCEPTED THEM! [That last --your acceptance-- is what makes them your responsibility.] 'They don't become YOURS until YOU say they're yours;' to paraphrase a commercial. But all of those rules, commands and laws run your life, and in spite of your best intentions, your conscious RAM resolutions will only work if they are in line with your ROM rules. In Cybernautics, we call those rules and logic systems; AXIOMS. Beyond your personal characteristics, your way of life; your ROM axioms create the EXTERNAL circumstances of your life! You attract, manipulate and create the people and conditions in your life. As hard as that is to accept, it is TRUE! That's the real principle of KARMA. Once you realize that you made everything you are and everything you have you also should realize that you can create your future exactly the way you want it. You do it by re-programming your ROM axioms. And that's what the FIXER program is all about. First you PEEK at your ROM axioms which relate to your wants. Then you erase the negative axioms, and finally, you POKE a new axiom in its place. You use your WANT power --not Will power-- to install the new axiom and energize it. THE FIXER program guides the user through that process, a kind of debugging program for the human biocraft. The latest version of that program has been uploaded to the Humanology Software Library text files. A copy of this article will also be uploaded for additional background material even though it is not a required necessity for running the FIXER. THE FIXER was written using a Wordwriter 128 word processor but may be used on any word processor using sequential files. The user then works the program directly on his own word processor --like filling in the blanks-- or if preferred, he prints it out and writes his answers on a separate notepad. In a future article, I will describe how the program worked for me --spectacularly!-- and give testimonials from others who have tested the earlier version of it. Isn't it time you changed that universe you made? Here's your toolkit; get out and get under and repair your biocraft! ----------------------------------------------------------------- THE FIXER A Cybernautics Program by Orfeo Jiva In CYBERNAUTICS we learn that if the circumstances of our life are not as we want them it is because we created them back when conditions were different. We wanted what we have, and now we're stuck with it... it seems! You arranged what you have; you created it! Yes you did!! Don't protest that the things bothering you now were created by others. You aren't a victim of circumstances; you haven't had any bad luck. Nobody did it TO you! You did it! AND YOU CAN CHANGE IT. In essence, each of us has programmed his own life in detail by commands, rules and laws which have been chosen or accepted in the past. Specifically, you created the rules and the scenario that control your life circumstances. [For those who believe in Karma and Reincarnation, this concept will make more sense. But you don't have to be a believer to make this system work.] If we re-write our operating rules --our programs-- we can change our lives. It's just that simple! So I ask you to accept --as a working hypothesis only-- the idea that: YOU PROGRAMMED YOURSELF YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR PROGRAMMING AND YOUR LIFE WILL BECOME WHAT YOU WANT! I ask you to 'go along with' the basic premise here --even if you believe that everything that has happened to you was created by environment and circumstances external to yourself-- and 'pretend' that what I say is true while you do this exercise. You'll be investing a few hours in this, and if it doesn't work, then you were right! But if it DOES work, your life will be transformed!!! What have you got to lose? HERE'S HOW TO 'RUN' THIS PROGRAM: You've already loaded this file in your word-processor and you are looking at it on-screen. (This was written on a Word-Writer 128, by Timeworks, Inc., but other word-processors may be quite acceptable.) I will be asking you a series of questions, followed by a detailed explanation for each. You then type in your answers (pushing the rest of the text downscreen if you need to) so that my text and your answers become one complete document. As you get the hang of it of course, you can flip back and forth to re-write and clarify things. When you're done, I suggest you print it out, and use the final sections at least as a set of affirmations which will help to reinforce it on a daily basis until your new program is 'seated'. Here's the first question: 1. WHAT DO YOU WANT? Most people do not know what they REALLY want, and many have a whole list of wants they've never dared to ask for. So we start there! Make a list of what you want in your life; short term, long term, big things, little things, objective possessions, subjective states of mind, people, talents etc. Don't even consider whether they are possible or not. Just try to be specific rather than general. For example, don't say, "I want to be happy," or "I want to be rich." Be more specific. (By the way, if you have only one WANT for your list, you're either already well focussed, or you're too general. You decide which! If it's the former, then write your answer and skip to question 4. If it's the latter, then see if you can re-write it in more specific form.) I want..... I want..... I want..... I want..... I want..... I want..... etc... ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: 2. NOW LET'S EDIT THE LIST: ARE THERE TOO MANY? ANY YOU CAN ELIMINATE? ANY DUPLICATIONS? Do you have more than twenty? If so, you probably have some duplications. That is, some things may automatically be included in others. Check for redundancies and eliminate them if you can. And while you're at it, assign them priorities --on a scale of one to ten, ten being the highest-- and put that number next to each. Look at each item; ask yourself, "Do I really want that; and how much do I want that?" Now go up to question 1 and edit your list, and add a priority number to each. ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: 3. NOW EXAMINE YOUR PRIORITIES: WHICH ONE DO YOU REALLY WANT THE MOST? ON WHAT IS YOUR PRIORITY BASED? Look again at your priorities to see if they are based on: what your chances are of getting them, whether you think you deserve them or not, or whether you think they are possible or not. None of these are usable categories! Remember, we're not talking about goals, wishes, options or hopes; we're talking about WANTS! Pretend that you could have any ONE thing on your list tomorrow --but ONLY one-- and think about which one you would choose; and revise your priorities accordingly. And here's a biggie! Another question that ought to be asked about your priorities; ARE THEY REALLY YOURS? Do you want any of these things because of someone else's expectations? How much of each priority is really Mom's --or society's? Now fine tune your priority numbers on the list (question 1) and while you're at it, throw out any WANTs that aren't your own. Also, any that have a priority of 5 or less; throw those out too. Just delete them. When you're done, go on to number 4. ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: 4. WHY DON'T YOU HAVE WHAT YOU WANT RIGHT NOW? The chances are that you didn't start wanting your want today! You've probably been wanting it for a long time. Why haven't you gotten it? What has stopped you? WHO has stopped you? Was it luck, chance, life circumstances, lack of talent, externally imposed limits or some person or persons that prevented you from having what you want? You may already be saying, "I prevented myself from achieving my want!" As true as that may be, let's --just for now-- talk about circumstances beyond your control. Leave your own responsibility out of it. While you now may have the insight to realize that you stopped yourself, that wasn't always the case. You told yourself that it was someone else's fault, or just the 'breaks of the game'. And you believed that; part of you still does! This, then, is the complaint department! Let it all out. You can put the blame on the arch villains who have thrown obstacles in your path. Looking at each of your wants, make a list of these external reasons why you don't have it right now. Use the space at the end of this question; type in your want, and then describe in detail every condition that has stopped you. Name names! Put the blame anywhere except in yourself! Only include your own responsibility after you've exhausted all other reasons. Isn't that the way we usually do it anyway? (Type it in right here, and don't forget to move the text down if you need more room.) ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: 5. What do you REALLY want? You began this project by writing your want list --short, one sentence statements. By now you may have discovered that some of those statements did not describe accurately what you REALLY want. For instance, in step 4 above, was one of the reasons why you don't have your want, "That wasn't exactly what I wanted"? Even if that didn't show up as one of the reasons, you may be aware of some of the shortcomings in your descriptions of what you want. It's time to fine-tune your want list. You see, The Fixer operates on the premise that you get what you want only after it is clearly focussed, accurately and sharply defined, and is not counteracted by opposing wants. What you have right now is what you have wanted --in spite of what you THINK you wanted-- and those negative wants were obviously better focussed than the ones you are expressing today! So now you should go over each want and ask yourself if that perfectly describes it. You may even have thought of something that wasn't on your list! Or you may have left the most important one off because you didn't believe you could have it. It may seem like we're doing the same thing over and over again; but stick with it; each time we dig a little deeper toward the levels of your being where reality is created. Take each of the surviving wants on your list and rewrite it in an EXPANDED and detailed version. Start each one with, "What I REALLY want is....." What I REALLY want is (etc) ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: 6. WHAT INTERNAL LAWS AND RULES (AXIOMS) DO YOU HAVE RELATING TO YOUR WANTS? DO YOU HAVE 'BLUE LAWS' ON YOUR BOOKS? WHAT ARE THE PROGRAMS BY WHICH YOUR REALITY IS DETERMINED? By now it should be apparent to you that you have had some wants which contradicted some basic axioms by which you live. Here's a rather mundane example: "I REALLY want a new car." is/was opposed by the following axioms in my deeper unconscious..... It's cool to have a 'rambling wreck' for someone like me who is an eccentric. It is pretentious to drive a slick new car. I'm supposed to be a poor starving artist. I am on a spiritual journey. I have renounced worldly things. (This is a real biggie!) Engines and mechanical things always break down for me because they are gross material things. The mobility of a reliable car would allow me to go places and do things that I thought I SHOULD; but I need car troubles as an excuse to stay home (like a good Cancer)!!! With all of these axioms in place --some very deeply rooted in my unconscious-- how seriously do you think my higher self would take my wish to have a nice new car? Do you see what is being unearthed here? You have a system of rules, laws, taboos, truths by which you have been living. We call these; AXIOMS. Axioms which contradict each other or which oppose your current wants are like 'BUGS' in your life program. You are 'de-bugging' your programs now! In many cases these axioms are the REAL wants, deep in your unconscious, which have created what you have now. And what we're looking for right now in this exercise are the specific axioms you have which relate to each want on your list. For each want, type in all the axioms you can think of which relate to it in any way. Dig way back to your earliest childhood memories. Those are the strongest; even though you may think you've forgotten them. Shake your tree and see what dusty lawbooks fall from its branches. Don't judge them. Don't say, "Oh I don't believe in that old thing anymore!" No matter how ridiculous you think they are, include them. First, type each want (this reinforces it), then list all the axioms which relate to it. ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: 7. HOW AND WHERE DID YOU GET THOSE AXIOMS? This is a tough one, maybe painful, too! But don't get lazy on me now! Dig in and do it! For each AXIOM, answer the following questions: a. Where did you first hear this... from whom? b. In what ways was it reinforced and by what or whom? c. When did you ACCEPT it; BELIEVE it? d. Have conditions --or your understanding of them-- changed since then? e. Do you still believe in the axiom? Is it right for NOW? f. In what ways is it false, or wrong for your present circumstances? This is going to take a while, if you do it right; and if you haven't already done so, you should have put aside all but your one highest priority want --you can come back and do others later-- and concentrate on just one WANT. This will clear your obstacles, a vital step in this process! This is VERY important. Be thorough. Do it right! Axiom 1: a. b. c. d. e. f. Axiom 2: a. b. c. d. e. f. etc......... ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: 8. ERASE THE OLD AXIOMS!!!! This is a deceptively simple step. But remember, you can't get your want as long as you have axioms in effect which contradict it. Much of what you did in the last step has probably reduced the energy still in those old blue laws. You need now to eliminate them. Use the following technique: Go back to step 7 above, where you first listed the axioms. Mentally focus yourself into an 'erase' mode. Picture yourself inside a vast computer memory bank --yours-- pulling out defective memory (ROM) circuit boards. (remember 2001?) [If you know something about computers and programming, you may understand the principle operating here. RAM memory (Random Access Memory) is what you use in daily consciousness --temporary instructions, ideas (rem statements) and commands. In YOUR computer brain, RAM thoughts --if reinforced and repeated often enough-- become ROM memories (Read Only Memory). ROM memory is used for your operating systems... your rules, your logic. Thus, a RAM 'want' is easily superceded by ROM logic, or else simply 'crashes' your program! So the idea here is to reprogram your ROM and then turn your RAM 'want' into a ROM logic command.] Now, with that image in your mind, DELETE each negative unwanted axiom right off the screen! As you're doing it, say to yourself... "I CANCEL THIS AXIOM. IT IS GONE; ERASED" When you are done, quickly go to # 9. ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: 9. WRITE AN AXIOM AFFIRMING YOUR WANT! This should be more than a reason why you think you deserve to achieve your want. It should be a statement which replaces the axioms you threw out, and makes your want the inevitable outcome. In the car example above, I might write: "I am a successful artist and a valuable human being. A new Chrysler (be specific) is the essential 'street-body' for me. I'm going to get me a new car!" Now that may seem to be a bit arrogant, but only if you have an axiom in your programming which says, "Asserting your own worth is a sin of pride." Don't mistake healthy self-esteem for arrogance. It's okay to think well of yourself! Re-define yourself without the limits your parents, your preachers, teachers and critics imposed on you. (If you BOUGHT THEIR programs for you, you should throw them out!) Then --if YOU still want your want-- say so in an affirmation which assumes it will be achieved. Be very clear and simple in writing your want as part of your new axiom. YOU ARE FOCUSSING. AXIOM: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: 10. DRAW IT TO YOU LIKE A MAGNET. This is the final step. You should NOT end up with a set of New Years resolutions, a super plan of action or a new self-discipline regimen. Just wait, confidently, expectantly and watch it come to you. Don't scheme; don't plan; don't manipulate. When your axiom is your LAW, your faith, your truth; when you believe in it more than you believe in apple pie and the American Way, then you'll automatically do what has to be done to bring your want home. Don't WILL it to happen. WANT it. Obsessively want it. Will power is a lie; WANT power is unlimited. And just remember, you'll get what you want --that's what Karma really is-- so be careful WHAT you want. Don't blame me if you don't want it when you get it!


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