(19023) Sat 15 May 93 12:34a By: Alan Jennings To: All Re: Minitz St: Local Minutes of the

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(19023) Sat 15 May 93 12:34a By: Alan Jennings To: All Re: Minitz St: Local ------------------------------------------------------------ Minutes of the Second Organizational Session of the Area Sysops Society The second organizational session of the Area Sysops Society was called to order on March 13, 1993 at 7:40PM by Randy Wesley, Temporary Chairman, at Shoney's Restaurant on College Drive in Baton Rouge. BBS Systems represented and their representatives were: Silveril's Demesnes - Mark Silver Datalink - Dale Jackson, Rad Delaroderie My Hiding Box! - Lajuana Bloomenstiel The PFFL BBS - Randy Wesley The Restaurant!! - Beamrider The Junebug - Rick Dunaway The Upper Room - Rev. Jerald Sheets Cajun Clickers - Billy Danner, Michael A. Vierra, Jody Cascio Ranger's Place - Ranger The Precinct - Robert Lively LSU School of Psychology BBS - Mike Bigalke, St. Robert Butler The Christian Connection - Wally Avera, Cindy Avera Leading Edge - Shelton McAnelly Southern Online Systems - Russell Jackson, Antonio Cuny Navel Lint - Hank Tassin The Simple Board - Rick Ferguson The Holy Cloakroom BBS - Alan Jennings, without portfolio CompuChurch - Bishop C. A. Jennings, D.D. Noticeably absent was Stan Brohn, who was resultantly subsequently and irrevocably elected chairman of the Fund-raising committee, the Legislative Affairs committee, and the Hospitality committee. His term of office was set at two years for each office to run consecutively, and he was directed to make full reports to the society when it next assembles, such reports to include the planning, coordination, fiscal notes, and action plans for the budgeting and acquisition of funds; a Legislative update to bring the society up to date on all pending legislation, whether local, state, federal, international, or intergalactic, which may affect the design, application, or operation of computer telecommunications now or at any time in the past or future, and a plan to pick up the tab for the Annual Dinner Meeting and Shop-talk Session which is to be held at the Country Club of Louisiana following the LSU-Ole Miss Game in October, such plan being dispensed with subject to his issuing a blank personal check payable to A.S.S. This action was adopted with the proviso that if he could get his feed to deliver the nodediff on schedule, that he could delegate all the authority and responsibility for these duties to the sysop of his choice whose node number exceeds the number "6". There being a cat-fight in occurrence outside the Secretary's bedroom window, the secretary awakened, proceeded in the usual sleep-stumbling manner to his console, realized the events being recorded were merely a bad dream, his having been up til all hours meeting with a bunch of anarchists trying to establish a consensus on something (anything!), and thence declared the nightmare adjourned to the next message... Press at your next opprtunity... --- Tearline * Origin: The Origin Line BBS (1:3800/6.14178265) Somebody call EMS.


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