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+-------------------------------------------------------+ | The following material has been collected for your | | information only. The Apologetics Research Coalition | | does not endorse or support it in any way. Use it at | | your own risk. | +-------------------------------------------------------+ FILES.BBS LIST OF ALL FILES IN NON-ARC CATCULTS.TXT Catalog of known cults CULT.TXT Personal opion of cults (Sam Cook) DR-DOBSN.TXT A letter from Dr.Dobson EVOLUTN.TXT Evolution or Creation? HALLWEEN.TXT A Biblical perspective of Halloween FACTS.TXT Facts on Evolution KID-CULT.TXT Kids and the cults LETTER.TXT A letter from our Friend RAILROAD.TXT Does this railroad lead to heaven? RESURION.TXT Facts about the resurrection TENT.TXT Tent Meeting outcome TESTIMNY.TXT Testimony (computer for Christ) TRUEWORD.TXT The Holly Bible Holy True by. Winkie Pratney VAIN.TXT A letter to a friend VITAMINB.TXT Spiritual Vitamins WHY-DIE.TXT Why did Christ Die? WHY-BUY.TXT A Letter From The Praise Board RELIGIOS True Christianity not Religosity SMOKING A bible study of smoking TOMS.TXT Modern Techology and its effect on us BOOZE.TXT Alcoholism LIFE.TXT A article from Life Magazine 2JEW1ST.TXT How to lead a Jew to Christ BLOT How the word blot is used in the Bible BAPTIZE.TXT What do Baptist believe? BORN-AGN.TXT How to be "Born Again" REPENT.TXT How the word repent is used in the Bible RAPTURE.TXT Follow the Rapture of the Church MYSTERY.TXT How the word mystery is used in the Bible SLOWDOWN.TXT Slow me down Lord SEC84A.TXT The history of the Jehovah's Wittnesses BOYCOTT.LST The TV programs to Boycott FAMILY.TXT A open letter to the family man COCAINE.TXT A letter from cocaine BIBPROOF.TXT Computer analysis of God's Word CHECKSUM.TXT The final checksum - biblical numerology OTHR12.TXT Plain truth of Herbert W. Armstrong MINOR.TXT MINOR CHRISTIAN CULTS NEW1.TXT NEW AGE NOTES BIBPROFF.TXT COMPUTER PROFF OF THE BIBLE NEWAGE.TXT MORE NEW AGE NOTES G-SCOTT.MSG COMMENT FROM CULT BUSTER BBS OTHR1.TXT Judaism OTHR2.TXT 7th Day Adventist, are they Christian? BAHA'I.TXT Facts about the Baha'i occult OTHR4.TXT Christian Science - Christian of cult? OTHR5.TXT Hunduism OTHR6.TXT The question of Freemasonry OTHR7.TXT Unity Schools of Christianity OTHR8.TXT The beginnings of the Jesuits OTHR9.TXT Puritan Separatism OTHR10A.TXT The Shakers/Oneida Community Part 1 OTHR10B.TXT The Shakers Part 2 OTHR11.TXT View of Secular Humanism MORM1.TXT The Jesus of Mormonism MORM2.TXT Mormonsims view of the nature of God MORM3.TXT Mormonsims view of the Holly Spirit MORM4.TXT Mormonsims view of salvation by works MORM5.TXT Dead Sea Scolls, confirm Mormonims? MORM6.TXT Do the Mormons realy belive the Bible? MORM7A.TXT Was Joseph Smith a Prophet of God? Part A MORM7B.TXT Part B MORM8.TXT Joseph Smith's frist vision MORM9.TXT Trouble in Salt Lake City? MORM10.TXT 10 reason why I cannot be a Mormon By. Rev Hornok MORM11.TXT Divine truths in the book of Mormon? MORM12.TXT The Smithsonians view of the book of Mormon MORMON.ZIP ALL OF THE TXT FILES LISTED BELOW (but for - THE JESUS OF MORMONSM - THE GOD(S) OF MORMONS - THE HOLY SPIRIT OF MORMONS - MORMONISMS "SALVATION BY WORKS" - DO ANCIENT WRITINGS CONFIRM MORMONISM? - MORMON EXALTATION TO THE GODS - DO THE NAG HAMMADI PROVE MORMONISM - PROPHECIES OF JOSEPH SMITH (PART A) - PROPHECIES OF JOSEPH SMITH (PART B) - DANIEL - TRUE PROPHET OF GOD - DIVINE TRUTHS IN THE BOOK OF MORMON - BOOK OF MORMON - REPLY FROM SMITHSONIAN - TEMPLE CEREMONIES (PART A, B, B) TEMPLREV.ZIP THE 1990 REVISED TEMPLE CEREMONIES - JOESPH SMITHS FRIST VISION - TROUBLE IN SALT LAKE CITY - DO MORMONS BELIEVE IN THE BIBLE? - CONTRIDICTIONS IN THE BOOK OF MORMON - WHY I CAN'T BE A MORMON - MORMON'S DOCTRINE OF GOD - MORMON'S DOCTRINE OF HELL - LDS STATEMENTS CONCERNING THE NEGRO - DOES THE BOOK OF MORMON AGREE WITH THE BIBLE? - AMERICAN ARCHAELOLGY AND THE BOOK OF MORMON CULT1.TXT What is a Cult? CULT2.TXT Catalog of Cults CULT3.TXT Parable of the new soap CULT4.TXT Moonies teach the moon is the Messiah CULT5.TXT The Rosicrucians CULT6.TXT Self Realization Fellowship CULT7.TXT The Way - Cult of Error CULT8.TXT Kids and Cults CULT9.TXT TM The cult of the empty mind CULT10.TXT JW When they come to your door BIBLM.TXT List of the Following Bibl*.txt files BIBL1.TXT BIBL2.TXT BIBL3.TXT BIBL4.TXT BIBL5.TXT BIBL6.TXT BIBL7.TXT BIBL8.TXT BIBL9.TXT BIBL10.TXT BIBL11.TXT BIBL12.TXT BIBL13.TXT BIBL14.TXT BIBL15.TXT BIBL16.TXT BIBL17A.TXT BIBL17B.TXT BIBL17C.TXT BIBL18.TXT BIBL19.TXT ISUEM.TXT List of following txt files ISUE1.TXT ISUE2.TXT ISUE3.TXT ISUE4.TXT ISUE5.TXT ISUE6.TXT ISUE7A.TXT ISUE8.TXT ISUE9.TXT ISUE10.TXT ISUE11.TXT ISUE12.TXT ISUE13.TXT ISUE14.TXT ISUE15.TXT ISUE16.TXT ISUE17.TXT ISUE18.TXT ISUE19.TXT ISUE20.TXT ISUE21.TXT ISUE22.TXT ISUE23.TXT ISUE26.TXT ISUE27.TXT ISUE28.TXT ISUE29.TXT ISUE30.TXT ISUE31.TXT ISUE32.TXT ISUE33.TXT ISUE34.TXT ISUE35.TXT ISUE36.TXT ISUE37.TXT ISUE38.TXT ISUE39.TXT ISUE7B.TXT ISUE7C.TXT ISUE7D.TXT ISUE40.TXT ISUE41.TXT ISUE42.TXT ISUE43.TXT ISUE44.TXT ISUE45.TXT ISUE46.TXT ISUE48.TXT ISUE49.TXT ISUE50.TXT ISUE52.TXT ISUE53.TXT ISUE54.TXT ISUE55.TXT ISUE56.TXT ISUE57.TXT ISUE58.TXT ISUE59.TXT ISUE60.TXT ISUE61.TXT ISUE62.TXT ISUE63.TXT ISUE64.TXT ISUE65.TXT ISUE47.TXT INST1A.TXT Lifestyle Leadership Series 1a-1j INST1B.TXT INST1C.TXT INST1D.TXT INST1E.TXT INST1F.TXT INST1G.TXT INST1H.TXT INST1I.TXT INST1J.TXT INST2.TXT Spiritual Swordmanship INST3.TXT The Art of Marriage INST4.TXT The 10 Commandment of Marriage INST5.TXT Checklist for Fathers INST6.TXT God's seed of love INST7.TXT Soloman's Proverb on raising children INST8A.TXT The succesful Christian Part A INST8B.TXT The succesful Christion Part B INST9.TXT How to preach without results INST10A.TXT The Lordship of Christ 10A-10D INST10B.TXT INST10C.TXT INST10D.TXT INST11.TXT Desscussion with Disbelivers INST12.TXT A Pastor's frist aid kit INST13.TXT Breaking up the fallow ground INSP1.TXT A Solitary Life INSP2.TXT He gave the very best INSP3.TXT Footprints in the Sand INSP4.TXT Dear Friend........... INSP5.TXT A Poem INSP6.TXT A Poem INSP7.TXT His nickname is Thunder INSP8.TXT Other's can but You can't INSP9.TXT A Testimony INSP10.TXT A personal dedication to God INSP11.TXT The Touch of The Masters Hand INSP12.TXT Turn one of those day's in Praise INSP13.TXT If Jesus came to your house? INSP14.TXT God forgive me when I whine INSP15.TXT Let me live By. Pat Boon INSP16.TXT Good News INSP17.TXT And the Lord said "Go" INSP18.TXT Satans plan INSP19.TXT Perfection By. Steve Allen INSP20.TXT A prayer for Salvation INSP21.TXT An Easter Prayer INSP22.TXT A prayer for your children INSP23.TXT Dear Church Members.... INSP24.TXT A utterly unique person INSP25.TXT So You're uptight? INSP26.TXT But you did'nt INSP27.TXT Empty seats INSP28.TXT Does this railroad lead to Heaven? INSP29.TXT The Emperor's three Questions INSP30.TXT The Waiting Eagle INSP31.TXT The 23rd psalm for busy people INSP32.TXT Pathways INSP33.TXT The Burglar INSP34.TXT Twas the night before Jesus came MISC1.TXT Christian Computers BBS List 1987 MISC3.TXT The tragedy of an ON-LINE addiciton MISC4.TXT Computer Etiquette MISC5.TXT Are you the right person for God's work? MISC6.TXT A letter from Dr. Dobson April 1987 MISC7.TXT Phone Fee Called Devastating EVIDENCE.TXT 17 Evideneces against Evolution JESUS.TXT All Scriptures with Jesus name in them DEATH.TXT All Scriptures with the word Death FATHER.TXT All Scriptures with the word Father CHRBBS.TXT National Listing of Christian BBS' QUOTES.TXT Quotes from famous people about the bible CANON.DOC The Canon GENESIS.TXT A listing of all the events in Genesis BIBLE.SER A Wonderful Sermon........ SIDESHW2.ARC Satan's Sideshow, expose of Lauren Stratford LIGHT_02.ZIP Short Sermons by Walter Petsuch Sr. MANFEST1.TXT HUMAN MANIFISTO PROOF.TXT COMPUTER PROOF OF THE BIBLE MINOR.TXT MINOR CHRISTIAN CULTS NEW1.TXT NEW AGE NEWAGE.TXT MORE NEW AGE G-SCOTT.MSG MSG FROM THE CULT BUSTER BBS BY DR. GENE SCOTT BG1124.TXT THE BHAGAVAD-GITA AS IT IS ROCK.ZIP Biblical view of Peter, the first pope? KMART.TXT Bulletin about pornography and Kmart OK2DRINK.TXT Did Jesus Drink Wine? Should We?? JOEL.ZIP INTERESTING STATEMENT ON JOEL INNER.TXT THE SIN OF INNER HEALING MANFES1.TXT THE HUMAN MANAFESTO FREE.TXT THE FEELING OF BEING FREE FROM SIN TRUST.TXT ARE YOU READY FOR THE COMEING OF THE LORD? BLESSED.TXT BLESSED ARE THEY SEND.ZIP ALL THE FILES LISTED BELOW 5POINTS.TXT ARMINIANISM AND CALVINISM COMPARED ALISHA.TXT AUTHORITY OVER SICKNESS BOETTNER.TXT THE REFORMED FAITH BY. LORRAINE BOETTNER CREATION.TXT A VIEW OF CREATION SCIENCE CREED1.TXT THE NICAEA CREED PART 1 CREED2.TXT PART 2 CREED3.TXT THE NEW HAMPHSHIRE CONFESSION OF FAITH CREED4.TXT THE WESTMINSTER CONFESSION OF FAITH CREED5.TXT THE PERSEVERANCE OF THE SAINTS CULTRISK.TXT OUR YOUTH AT RISK CULTWIT.TXT WHO'S KNOCKING AT MY DOOR? DANCHART.TXT A CHART OF DANIEL DEVIENT.TXT CULT'S, SECT'S AND DEVIANT MOVEMENTS DIVINE.TXT 100 YEARS OF DEVINE DIRECTION DND1.TXT DUNGEON AND DRAGONS STATEMENT DND2.TXT MORE OF THE SAME DND3.TXT MORE OF THE SAME DRUGS.TXT EXPLANATION OF "PHARMAKEIA" GAYOK.TXT HOMOSEXUALITY GAYSAVE.TXT HOMOSEXUALS AND SALVATION GODNATUR.TXT THE NATURE OF GOD HEALING.TXT HEALING HEATHEN.TXT ARE THE HEATHEN'S LOST? HEAVEN.TXT A VIEW OF THE HEAVN'S JESUHIST.TXT A CHRISTIAN/PAGAN DISCUSSION OF JESUS JW'SBIB.TXT THE WORLD'S MOST DANGEROUS BOOK JWDIETY.TXT JW'S AND THE DEITY OF CHRIST JWKILLS.TXT JW'S VIEW OF THE MEDIATORSHIP OF CHRIST JWRES.TXT JW'S VIEW OF THE RESURECTION JWTRIN.TXT JW'S VIEW OF THE TRINITY MASONS.DOC THE QUESTION OF FREEMASONARY MASONSYM.TXT MASONIC SYMBOLS AND RITES USED IN THE MORMOM TEMPLE MORMBAPT.TXT MORMON BAPISIUM MORMBIBL.TXT DO MORMONS REALY BELIVE THE BIBLE? MORMEDEN.TXT MORMON EDEN MORMON.TXT MORMOMISM'S SALVATION BY WORKS MORMON2.TXT JOSEPH SMITH'S FRIST VISION MRM011I.TXT MORMON TEXT FILE NEWAGE1.TXT NEW AGE IN THE EVANGEICAL CHURCH? NEWAGE2.TXT PART 2 NICKY.TXT AUTHORITY OVER SICKNESS OCCU02.TXT THE DOOM OF SATAN'S LIE OCCU32.TXT PART 2 OCCU35.TXT PART 3 PORNAD.TXT BOYACOT LIST PORNDIE.TXT PORNOGRAGHY A VIEW OF ORGIN PRAYER.TXT THE GOSPEL OF PRAYER PROCESS.DOC THE PROCESS CHURCH RITUAL.TXT RITUALISTIC CRIMES ROCK.TXT THE EFFECT OF ROCK MUSIC SATAN4.TXT HELL? IS IS TRUE? SATANFOL.TXT PROSSESSING THE GATES OF SICKNESS SATANKIL.TXT THE FALLEN ANGELS TRIUNE.WHY UNDERSTANDING THE NATURE OF GOD SORRY.ZIP FROM ADRIAN GREENE (A PAGEN) MASON.TXT THE GREAT MEROVINGIAN CONSPIRACY! D/L FR CULT-WATCH BOM.TXT A DISERTATION ON THE BOOK OF MORMON GOVTXFER.ZIP Info on doing Gov't data xfers for $$$$$.


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