American BBS Association Purpose The American BBS Association (ABBSA) exists to provide an

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American BBS Association Purpose The American BBS Association (ABBSA) exists to provide an umbrella advocacy organization for BBS operators. ABBSA is organized roughly on the model used by the Better Business Bureau. The ABBSA National Office formerly in Birmingham, Alabama based at The MATRIX BBS, is currently based at the Dayton BOARDWALK BBS in Dayton, Ohio. The ABBSA National Support Conference is available for echo from the Dayton BOARDWALK at no cost other than normal Long Distance charges. The Dayton BOARDWALK BBS is accessible at 1200-14400 baud at (513) 228-1020. The Dayton BOARDWALK BBS is a subscription BBS however ABBSA Sysops will be given Visiting Sysop status (90 minutes a day and full access) at no charge. The National ABBSA Office can also be reached via FIDO at address 1:110/750, through Internet at, or via ABBSA-Net at address 117:117/0. The National ABBSA voice numbers are (513) 225-3087 or 545-1093. Our mailing address is: American BBS Association National Office % Westlake Information Systems 2603 N. Main Street Dayton, OH 45405 The ABBSA is organized on a State basis. The National Office of the ABBSA functions ONLY as an Advisory and Coordinating center for State Chapters and State Chapters retain complete independence. If you are interested in forming a State Chapter, please contact us through one of the above channels. There are no fees or costs required for formation of a State Chapter. The goals of the ABBSA are simple in conception though perhaps more difficult to carry out. American BBS Association Policy and Goals 1. Educate the public about the purposes, potential, and benefits of Electronic Communications. 2. Monitor the media for inaccurate and misleading information regarding BBS activity and take steps to correct such misinformation. 3. Regularly inform the media of significant events in the local BBS community. 4. Serve as a source of information for individuals or organizations seeking information about BBS. 5. Inform ABBSA member BBS of significant legislation or other actions which affect the BBS community. Membership in ABBSA requires only that a BBS Sysop agree to "support the Ethical Standards" of the ABBSA. No "enforcement" mechanism exists other than the right of the Chairman of a State Chapter to revoke the membership of a state BBS after consultation with other members. ABBSA Member Sysops may elect a new Chairman of a State Chapter at any time on a majority vote. NO DUES OR FEES ARE REQUIRED FOR MEMBERSHIP IN ABBSA. Every member of ABBSA may post on their BBS that they are a member of the ABBSA and all members are strongly encouraged to post the ABBSA Ethical Standards on their BBS as a bulletin or in some other accessible manner. (American BBS Association and ABBSA are Service Marks of) ( the American BBS Association 1992 )


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