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APPLICATION FOR MEMBERSHIP IN THE AMERICAN BBS ASSOCIATION Requirements for American BBS Association Membership: 1. Operate an Electronic Bulletin Board System (BBS), Public or Private, Free or Subscription which is available 24 hours a day. 2. Sign and return your agreement with the ABBSA Ethical Standards to either your State ABBSA Chapter or the National ABBSA Office. ** (IMPORTANT: A -SIGNED-, HARD-COPY APPLICATION OS REQUIRED! Online/Netmail applications cannot be accepted for membership approval.) ** American BBS Association Ethical Standards 1. I will not use or allow my BBS to be used for illegal activity. 2. I will not allow my BBS to be used to distribute Pirated or Copyrighted software except where software Copyright and\or License agreements specifically allow electronic distribution and if such software is uploaded to my board without my knowledge I will remove it when I am made aware of it. 3. I will restrict access to adult material by minors and I will make ALL REASONABLE EFFORTS to verify that a caller is 21 years of age before allowing that caller access to adult material. 4. If I run a Public BBS I will not refuse access to any individual on the basis of age, sex, religion, race, or ethnic origin except restrictions to specific conferences that are necessary to provide Private Conferences for particular age, sex, religious, racial or ethnic groups. 5. I will support and promote the Right of Freedom of Speech and the free exchange of ideas among individuals. I REQUEST MEMBERSHIP IN THE AMERICAN BBS ASSOCIATION. I OPERATE A FULL TIME (24-HOUR) BBS, AND I SUPPORT THE ETHICAL STANDARDS OF THE AMERICAN BBS ASSOCIATION. I AGREE TO OPERATE MY BBS IN ACCORDANCE WITH THESE ETHICAL STANDARDS TO THE BEST OF MY ABILITY. Signature _____________________________________ Date ___________ BBS Name:______________________________________ BBS Phone Number(s) ___________________________ Sysop Name and Address:___________________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________ Sysop Phone number: ( ) - SysOp FIDO Address: ----------------------------------- (if available) Sysop Internet address:___________________________________ (if available) [Rev. 12/93] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ (end of ABBSA membership application) (Please detach and retain the following) (The name and addresses of Member Sysops are considered Confidential and ) (will not be provided to others without explicit permission of the individual) (Sysop. BBS names and phone numbers are considered Public Information unless ) (you specfically request otherwise. ) If you wish to become a Member BBS of the American BBS Association, simply sign this statement and mail a copy to your Regional Chairman, State ABBSA Chapter or to the American BBS Association National Office at the addresses listed below (for a faster response, please enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope). Upon signing and mailing this statement you are entitled to post a notice on your BBS for up to 90 days that you are a temporary: Member of the American BBS Association (your_state Chapter) [if desired] pending receipt of an acknowledgment from either your State or the National ABBSA office that your application has been received after which you are a permanent ABBSA member unless such membership is revoked by the State or National Office. You are also encouraged to post ABBSA.BLT as a public bulletin on your system. * NATIONAL ABBSA CONTACTS: ABBSA National Office (Voice) (513) 225-3087; (513) 545-1093 (Fido) 1:110/750 (Internet) (ABBSA-Net) 117:117/0 (BBS) (513) 228-1020 (Conference 27) Mailing address: American BBS Association National Office % Westlake Information Systems 2603 N. Main Street Dayton, OH 45405 ============================================================================== The ABBSA National Support Conference is accessible for messages or echoing (via QWK or front-end mailer) from the Dayton BOARDWALK BBS, Dayton, OH at: 2400-14400 (513) 228-1020 Conference 36 (American BBS Association and ABBSA are Service Marks of) ( the American BBS Association (1992) ) [ABBSA.APP|12/93]


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