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ALL SCRIPTURE II Tim 3:14-17 I. WHO IS THE AUTHOR OF HOLY SCRIPTURE? A. GOD 1. Do we really believe this? 2. Do our lives betray a lack of belief? 3. Is the Bible really authoritative in every area of our lives? B. THIS IS WHY JESUS CAN SAY "KEEP MY COMMANDMENTS" II. WHAT CAN WE LEARN FROM PAUL'S EXHORTATION TO TIMOTHY? A. CONTINUE IN THE THINGS WHICH YOU HAVE LEARNED 1. "But continue thou" - emphatic YOU 2. A contrast to the heretics and deceivers of vs13 B. WHAT HAVE YOU LEARNED? 1. Implies you have learned some things 2. Are you continuing in those things? C. WHAT IS IT TO CONTINUE? 1. Grk - to stay in a given place, state, relation or expectancy 2. Do you dwell in those things? 3. Do you endure in those things? 4. Do you stand in those things? (convictions, etc.) D. WHAT HAVE YOU LEARNED? 1. Holiness? 2. Righteousness? 3. Patience? E. ARE YOU ASSURED OF THESE THINGS? 1. Who taught you? 2. Who taught Timothy? (Paul, mother, grandmother, Holy Spirit) 3. How well do you know these who teach you? 4. How much time do you spend with them? 5. How long have you known these things? 6. Are you satisfied with your progress? F. PAUL SAYS "HOLY" SCRIPTURES 1. They can make you wise unto salvation (nothing else can) 2. Empirical evidence cannot make you wise to salvation a. volcano - native b. DNA - biologist 3. Holy Scriptures = starting point (explain) G. TIMOTHY'S SCRIPTURES WERE OLD TESTAMENT SCRIPTURES 1. Salvation for O.T. saints through the Word of God 2. O.T. made them wise unto salvation 3. Holy Spirit used O.T. as seed for new birth in David and Moses 4. Faith in Christ was revealed in O.T. LOOK @ Lk 24:25-27 5. Bible is Word of God 6. Only by Holy Scriptures could Timothy know about Christ and salvation 7. Timothy was justified by faith just like Abraham a. Both believed the Word of God b. Both believed the doctrine of God, teaching of God, the good news c. READ Rom 10:17 III. WHAT IS MEANT BY INSPIRED? A. ALL SCRIPTURE IS INSPIRED--NOT JUST CERTAIN SCRIPTURES OR SECTIONS B. INSPIRED = GOD BREATHED 1. God used the prophets and apostles to write the scriptures. 2. God breathed the words through the minds of the writers. 3. Not dictation--which eliminates the personality of the stenographer 4. Individuality and personality of authors produced different styles 5. NOTICE! vs 16 does not say the writers were inspired a. What was inspired? b. The scriptures (written words) were breathed out C. INSPIRED = PREDESTINED 1. God controls everything 2. God predestined the styles of the authors 3. God predestined the words of the authors 4. God breathed out all scripture D. INSPIRED = WITHOUT ERROR 1. If God breathed out every word, do you think there is any error? 2. If the Bible has errors, what is the criterion to distinguish truth from error? IV. WHAT ARE SOME OF THE PROFITABLE BENEFITS OF HOLY SCRIPTURE? A. "DOCTRINE" - Grk, learning, teaching B. "REPROOF" - Grk, proof, conviction; also evidence C. "CORRECTION" - Grk, from 2 other words= a straightening up again (reformation) D. "INSTRUCTION" - Grk, education or training; also disciplinary correction


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